Rarest Lego Star Wars item - Vaders Mask, the best collectable

I was reading over at Yahoo Answers and someone asked what the rarest Lego piece would be. Well this is a Star Wars Lego Collectables blog so for this I was thinking maybe the Boba Fett minifigure from the Cloud City set. This photo shows the difference between the regular Boba Fett minifigure and the super rare one.boba fett rare star wars lego collectablesBut, to be honest, the absolute rarest Star Wars Lego piece would be this - the protype piece for the Darth Vader Helmet! For some reason Lego makes the prototypes in red plastic, maybe it makes them stand out, I don't really know why.
Sorry about the photo, it is the best I have. And, of course, it was never for sale and impossible to get!darth vader lego prototype helmet
So there you have it - my choice of the rarest Star Wars Lego Collectable piece!


Keith Turner said...

These are actuallu for sale on for around $30 each

Star Wars Lego Minifigures said...

thanks Keith. I have looked on Brick Link plenty of times and have never seen them - I just check again just now. The regulat helmets are around $2 but haven't seen the red prototype anywhere.