Star Wars 2010 - 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter

There has been a little news of late about all the new Star Wars Lego sets for 2010.
This 8088 set looks pretty good, with a nice selection of Star Wars minifigures to collect.

The Lego Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter set number 8088 is a good remake of the old 7259 Lego kit, slightly different nose it seems, and with some great mini-figures that haven't been available before. A Kit Fisto minifig but in a new design (meaning the old Kit Fisto minifigure will be a rare collectible), Captain Jag (from Ep III, I think), a Clone Pilot with new helmet design, and an R4-P44 astromech droid minifigures.

The 8088 ARC-170 Star Fighter looks to have flick firing missiles, wings that unfold into attack position and three cockpits that open. The Star Wars lego kit is a big 434 pieces and due out after Christmas, around January 2010.starwars lego collectables 8088 arc 170 starfighter 2010

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