7672 - Rogue Shadow

7672 - Rogue Shadow Darth Vader Juno Eclipse Vaders ApprenticeThis is my latest Star Wars Lego kit - it is the 7672 - Rogue Shadow and part of the new Star Wars the Force Unleashed series.
It is a pretty big kit, it comes with two instruction booklets and 482 pieces. It is a fairly hard ship to build, the wings are very hard to align correctly.
This super kit has three Star Wars mini-figures - a great Battle Damaged Darth Vader, Imperial officer and pilot Juno Eclipse and Darth Vaders Apprentice - WOW! 7672 Rogue Shadow Star wars lego7672 Rogue Shadow lego - Battle Damaged Darth Vader, Juno Eclipse, Darth Vaders ApprenticeClick the photos for huge versions to see all the detail!


lfcrule1972 said...


We bought this for my son and it's probably his favourite set of all and he has quite a few of the Lego Star Wars sets.

So much so that he was forever carrying around his fave figure the Battle Damaged Darth Vader ! Unfortunately this has now become lost and I contacted LEGO to see if I can order a replacement, it appears that I can but they require the the number on the building instruction booklet. This number is located at the bottom of the cover and it begins with the number 4.

My problem is that since our move I have been unable to find the instruction booklet for this and the Star Destroyer set. Would you be able to tell me the code from your booklet cover so that I can re-order the mini figure ?


Coaster said...

I am not sure about what code you mean. The model set number is 7672. Is that what you are after?
Let me know if you want more please.

lfcrule1972 said...

Thanks Coaster, I still have the box with the 7672 Product ID but according to Lego I need to quote a code that is on the missing instructions booklets - they tell me it begins with a 4 and is printed on the cover of the booklet ?

lfcrule1972 said...

Hi thanks for replying Coaster.

I have the 7672 code from the box but for me to order the replacement figure LEGO require me to quote the code that is printed on the cover of the instruction booklet. Apparently it's towards the bottom of the booklet cover and begins with a 4.

I honestly can't remember ever seeing a number on ours though.

Your help is really appreciated

(apologies if this is a double post)

Anonymous said...

My son has the same set. The code is on the back cover, and it is 4528516. There aren't many numbers on the instructions - and this is the only one that starts with a 4. Hope it helps!