7144 Slave I

Star Wars Lego Collectables LEGO 7144 Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite mini figureNo Star Wars Lego collection would be complete without Boba Fett's spaceship, the Slave 1, that you saw in Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. The wings and the guns swivel around so that it can look appropriate for landing and flight mode. This Lego set came out in the year 2000.

The Boba Fett mini figure fits neatly into the cockpit and it also comes with a frozen in carbonite Han Solo that also fits into the rear of the Slave 1 ship! The Boba Fett minifig has his jetpack and helmet in one piece - removing the helmet reveals a solid black head beneath and the little LEGO Han Solo encased in carbonite brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Very cool and worth the money. A great addition for anyone that is into Star Wars Lego Collectables. star wars lego 7144 Slave I boxstar wars lego boba fetts slave 1 complete


Anonymous said...

cool site you have umm i was wonder if you could put the instuctionss up for the slave 1 I lost my instuctions and if you do thank you

Star Wars Slave 1 said...

I hope this new post about Lego Star Wars Slave 1 helps you out.