7667 Imperial Dropship with four minifigures

7667 Imperial Dropship with 4 minifigures Star Wars Lego CollectablesThe 7667 Imperial Dropship was released at the start of 2008. The set was sold for AUD$19.99 and contains 81 pieces. This set includes four great minifigures - 3 stormtroopers and a shadow stormtrooper equiped with 2 guns and 2 rifles . My son loves these four mini-figures

Equipped with forward-firing laser cannons and carrying three stormtroopers, the 7667 Imperial Dropship, piloted by a shadow trooper, is designed to sweep down to the battlefield and drop off the detachable troop platform then fly away. 7667 Imperial Dropship Star Wars Lego Collectables

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