7657 AT-ST Star Wars Lego Collectables

The 7657 AT-ST Star wars Lego Collectables set is from 2007 and is a pretty good set especially for it's price.
The Lego set has minimal colours, light grey, dark grey and black and not much else. There is gearing so the top can rotate like it is searching for enemy Ewoks! The legs are fantastic, very posable and well made.7657 AT-ST Star Wars Lego CollectablesGoing back up to the top, the inside of the cockpit has only room for one pilot and the pilot can be positioned to look out of the view ports!
The Star Wars Lego AT-ST Pilot minifig look pretty good with goggles and chin strap printed on the minifig and the helmet is a new design same as is the body. You also get a new design Imperial blasters for the pilot to blast away.
Overall a very good Star Wars Lego Collectables worth getting.
7657 AT-ST pilot Star Wars Lego Collectables 7657 AT-ST Star Wars Lego Collectables

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