6212 X-Wing Fighter Star Wars Lego Collectables

This Star Wars Lego Collectables set is an excellent Lego kit of one of Star Wars best spaceships. It is fairly big model and has a good level of detail in it. Star Wars Lego 6212 comes with a heap of Lego minifigures, including Wedge Antilles (first time - Rare Star Wars Lego minifigure), Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo (looks great with printed trousers), Chewbacca (yippie, I have Chewie!) and R2-D2 ! This set also lets you change some of the ship's marking, so you can convert it from Luke's X-Wing to Wedge's X-Wing - meaning the X-Wing can be either Luke Skywalkers Red Five or Wedges Red Three X-wing!.
6212 X-Wing Fighter Star Wars Lego Collectables
The Lego 6212 X Wing Fighter has wings that move up and down via a turning dial in the back. This gives you more control of where you want the wings to sit, so you can pose it however you want, it works really well. There is also a place to store the lightsaber and the cockpit is hinged so you can open it.

I think this is the best X-Wing Fighter yet, probably because of the minifigures and the price is pretty good too, $69 at any local toy store - for a big model with six Star Wars Minifigures . It has 437 Lego pieces and took my son a few hours to build. It is a great Star Wars Lego model and great to collect. Star Wars Lego Collectables 6212 X-wing Fighter minifigures

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