Slave 1 Lego Star Wars Instructions

If anyone is after some instructions on how to build the Slave 1 Star Wars Lego kit (it is number 7153 not the 7144 Slave 1 Lego set) well here it is straight from Lego themself. I am pretty sure it would suit both sets as the 7153 is just a re-release of the original 7144 Slave 1.

I hope it helps you out, Lego has many instructions for sets available as free downloads for people that lose their printed instructions.
This Star Wars Lego set is pretty good but I like the older green 7144 set with Lego Star Wars Mini-Figure Han Solo frozen in a Carbonite Block.
Lego Star Wars Mini-Figure Han Solo In Carbonite Block
And here is a super fast time lapse video of a build of the Star Wars Lego Slave 1, pretty good hey?


-Alex said...

I Have This :P

Just Started Collecting The Figures.
Know Any Good Cheap Place's.

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Ebay, I guess.
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