2009 Lego Star Wars - 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack

Another nice unreleased kit. This Star Wars Lego set will be out around Feb 2009 and will be one set that is usually about the $15 range. The 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack has a neat looking little Star Wars walker and four really good Clones.

It has three standard Clone Troopers, one with great accessories and one fantastic Clone Gunner minifigures . The Gunner mini figure has a standard Clone Wars helmet but it has a large black Republic symbol on the sides, with gold surrounding them and the body has the usual chest imprint but with an added triangle symbol and grey arms instead of white.
Nice and a worthy minifigure collectible. I am guessing that this will be a rare Star Wars Lego minifigure to collect.
2009 Lego Star Wars Collectable - 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack

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