Fantastic 2009 Star Wars Lego 7751 Ahsokas Starfighter

Wow, this Star Wars Lego set looks amazing, doesn’t it. The new 2009 7751 Ashoka’s Starfighter and Vulture Droid. I think this will be an instant collectable.

I think it is one of the better Lego sets made and it includes some rare Lego minifigures like Ahsoka Tano(Anakins apprentice) and a new droid, the R7-A7 droid minifig. 7751 star wars lego ahsoka starfighter r7 a7 droidThe cool looking Buzz droids minifigures are a major plus in the Lego set.  Really, the Ashoka Starfighter is very similar to the 7669 Anakin Jedi starfighter , well exactly the same, except the colour and has some tiny details that are different.

Another new thing that is added on this set is the Vulture droid which is also really similar to the Vulture droid that is part of the 7660 Naboo starfighter set except now they are blue instead of brown. The Vulture droid goes into spider mode really well and looks great.

But sadly, the price really lowers the value of it, this set is really expensive, I am trying to find the cheapest 7751 Ahsokas Starfighter Lego set. Like I said it’s an awesome set but just priced way high especially seeing it is only a 291 piece Lego set.

And I really wish Lego would stop making Star Wars sets and just having stickers for the details instead of the way things should be and have them printed on the Lego blocks.

star wars lego ashokas starfighter and vulture droid 7751

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