Lego 7680 The Twilight Star Wars Clone Set

This is Anakin Skywalker’s starship in the Clone Wars movie. Yes, I know it is an ugly looking Lego kit but remember the ship was ugly in the movie as well. I had been looking around for the cheapest 7680 Twilight Lego set and ended up at Ebay. Now it is built.

Anakins ship is called The Twilight, it is a tough, solid built ship and it shows in this big Lego Star Wars set. The Twilight Lego set has retractable landing gear and its wings can rotate so you can go from flight to landing mode. I like the cool, firing flick missile and the laser cannon turrets move around easy on the top.

A great little extra is the side-mounted escape pod and a winch with a tow-cable. The 7680 Twilight has a great group of minifigures - Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka (his apprentice), the ever cool R2-D2 plus little baby Rotta the Huttlet.

This is a big Lego set and it is a little hard to build, takes a while to complete. Remember it is going to be 30cm x 46cm! Big!! It's worth buying so look around for a great price and get it.


Nicole said...

Hi there! I was wondering, do Ahsoka's legs come off? I bought a minifig off Ebay and the legs do not detach which my son is NOT happy with. He LOVES taking his minifigs apart and rebuilding them, switching them up, etc. I would really appreciate if you could let me know! Thanks so much!

Star Wars lego minifigs said...

Yes the legs do come off in the Ashoka minifigure. Minifigures that don't have removable legs are usually ones that are keyrings or display type ones - not normal Star Wars lego minifigs.