Star Wars Lego 7749 Echo Base & Hoth minifigs

The Star Wars Lego set 7749 Echo Base, in my opinion, is a very good set. The set was released as part of the 10th Anniversary Line of Star Wars Lego. The set is meant to be a scene from Episode V The Empire Strikes Back at the secret Rebel Base that is on the ice planet Hoth where AT-AT's and AT-ST's start to attack the secret Rebel Base and destroy their shield generator to get to the Rebel Transports.

So what is so good about this Lego set. Well I like the Hoth scene (plus other sets can join in) but probably the best would be the terrific rare minifigs that are included. You get Han Solo in Hoth clothing, two Hoth Rebel Troopers, two Snowtrooper minifigures and for the first time a super rare Lego Tauntaun figure. The Star Wars Lego Hoth Rebel Troopers have new style goggles and the Snowtroopers have new weapons, so guess that’s a plus as well - even if it is just a small thing.

The set is fairly easy to build, my son put it together really quickly. It has a rotating battery turret which has those push-to-fire missiles that launch out. The turret has a hidden door and top hatch to hold a Lego minifigure. A negative, though, is the turret comes off too easily from the base but it's still great to play with. The bunker has a flip back mechanism – you push down in the centre - that is used to flick the Hoth minifigures backwards so you can pretend that they have been blown up – a cool touch.

A great set for Lego Star Wars collectors and also for kids with it’s great minifigures and fun playabilty.

Star Wars Lego set 7749 Echo Base -

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