8089 Lego Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave and minifigures review

I am looking forward to opening this new Star Wars Lego set. The 8089 Lego Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave set has 297 pieces and a few great minifigures. The set is the famous scene from the Episode V movie, The Empire Strikes Back where the Wampa has taken Luke Skywalker back to its cave to eat.

The Lego cave is meant to be simulating an icy environment but isn’t quite right and does not look good to me but, I guess, it matches the other Hoth sets well. Yes, combine it with Star Wars Lego sets 7749, 8083, and 8084. The cave has a place that Luke hangs from and a place for his lightsaber so he can ‘use the force’ and retrieve it to kill the Wampa. It also has a skeleton minifigure and a big bone thing to set the scene,

So I mentioned the Star Wars Lego minifigures a little. This is what the set has; a great Wampa ice creature, skeleton (the same as the Castle set ones I think), Luke Skywalker in snow gear and Zev Senesca minifigs. All pretty cool. The biggy I would think that people will want to collect will be the Wampa, it is still a bit cartoony and not Lego style but thats my opinion. It looks good with the big claw that can hold a minifig though, put Luke in its claw and pretend its dragging him back to the Wampa cave.

The set doesn’t just have the Wampa snow cave though, it has a great little Snowspeeder – lots a detail and I love the little display inside showing an AT-AT. To build the set is much the same as the previous Hoth set Lego Echo Base 7749, fairly simple and fun for young kids. But, one thing, I do think it is a bit expensive I think the price should have been between what it is and the small battle packs.

8089 Lego Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave and minifigures review
8089 Lego Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave and minifigures
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Martin said...

why is the wampa holding a chicken leg? Has he just come from KFC?

Star Wars Lego Collectables Wampa said...

Yeah, it's a little strange isn't it. I guess it's meant to be a part of an animal that the star wars lego wampa has just eaten..

Thanks for the comment Martin.