Star Wars Lego Freeco Speeder 8085 review

The Star Wars Lego Freeco Speeder 8085 is a set that comes straight from the Star Wars Clone Wars animated show. On the show it is also called the CK-6 Swoop and were the speeders used by the Republic on ice planets.

Anyway that’s enough about the background of the speeder , what about the Lego set itself. Well the set has 177 pieces and the design isn’t too bad for a smaller Lego set, the Star Wars minifigures are good as well. The Lego speeder is very easy to build and holds together very well so kids can play with it without the thing falling apart. The kit has a small sticker sheet for a few of the blocks to make it a Lego Clone Wars Speeder, this is one thing I don’t like – I have mentioned it before that I want printed bricks and to be honest it would not increase the sale price at all (it would only add cents to the manufacture price).

Now the two Star Wars Lego minifigures.

The Thi-Sen minifigure (Thi-Sen is the Chieftan of the Orto Plutonian tribe of Talz) has light grey body and legs with a dark grey hands, spines, cape as well as his face. His head, face, cape, and spines is all one piece just like how the Chewbacca minifig is, with a large molded head that goes down over the torso. He has just one extra, a spear. This Lego Freeco Speeder set is the only set this minifigure comes in.

The Anakin Skywalker minifigure is wearing snow fatigues - a dark royal blue parka that has a fur-edged hood. Anakin has white hands and light grey legs. This mini-figure has a double-sided head; one side has a face with goggles and a cover over his nose and mouth, the other side seems to be the standard Anakin face. He come with a blue lightsaber (it looks to be a different shade of blue compared to others) with a light grey hilt. Behind the cockpit plastic dome you can store Anakins light saber. The parka print is different than the print on the Han Solo one, it has a little more detail in it and has the Rebel symbol on the coat and hood.

Overall not a bad little set. Easy to build and the Lego minifigures are good. A couple of negatives are the stickers and the price, a little too dear for the size of the set (especially in Australia). My son give it a thumbs up.

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